LaKesha Womack

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A dynamic and energetic trainer for audiences of all sizes and ages!

LaKesha Womack is the Owner and Lead Consultant with Womack Consulting Group. The firm provides Brand Management, Leadership Training, Strategic Planning, and Political Consulting to clients across the globe through one on one consultations with professionals, not for profit organizations, churches, colleges/universities, and businesses. She has served as a business development presenter for numerous Chambers of Commerce and professional groups. She specializes in working with newly formed teams, fractured teams, and boards of directors to teach leadership strategies that enhance communication, build brand recognition, and improve meeting effectiveness.

LaKesha has a bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University, is a graduate of the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University, and is pursuing a master’s degree from Chicago Theological Seminary.  She is a member of the Forbes' Coaches Council as a thought leader on leadership topics and contributes to with more than forty business tips provided on their Expert Panel forum. LaKesha is the published author of nine books and has been featured in numerous publications and interviews providing financial literacy tips, business advice, and community engagement strategies.