Campaign Training

Developing a winning campaign requires training. Many candidates can not afford to hire Consultants or full time Campaign Managers to assist with the day to day management of their team, however these roles are vital to the success of the campaign.

LaKesha provides campaign training for candidates and their teams to develop strategies that will work in the communities they serve. Armed with a Political Science degree from Vanderbilt University and a certificate from the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University, LaKesha has worked on local, statewide and presidential campaigns.

This series of presentations is based on her book, #CommonSense Campaigning: 5 Basics to Consider When Planning to Run for Office. The book has helped many local candidates draft campaign plans and provide a foundation for team training. Working with LaKesha will give you and your team the additional confidence needed to implement a winning campaign strategy.



Building a CAMPAIGN brand on a Budget

From colors to fonts to web design and yard signs, every visual element of your campaign sends a message to your voters. With a limited amount of resources, it can be hard to determine where to spend and where to save. During this session, LaKesha helps to make a connection between your professional style and a campaign image that connects with your voters while sharing resources to help you work smart and lean.



Crafting a Message that connects

What matters most to the voters in your voting area? Of course your views and values are important but if you are not talking about the issues that hit the pain points of your voters, you might as well be mute. In this session, LaKesha works with you to create messaging and talking points that motivate voters to support you. She also provides practical pointers to help you create a stump speech that can be used as a foundation for almost any engagement.

Building your dream team

Campaigns require strong and organized teams. Enlisting the help of family and friends can be cost effective but failure to assign them the proper tasks and to adhere to a timeline may cost you the election. In this session, LaKesha will help to create a campaign plan that includes job descriptions for the members of your team as well as provide training to help them operate efficiently in their roles.



Securing the Bag

Campaigns can be expensive and most candidates hate asking for money. Sounds like a major disconnect. In this session, LaKesha will work with you and your team to create a realistic campaign budget as well as develop fundraising and solicitation strategies to help meet your goals.