Church Growth

As the models of ministry and neighborhoods surrounding our churches have changed in the past twenty years, many congregations have failed to adapt or to change their outreach ministry strategy. They find themselves struggling to remain relevant and to attract residents who are within walking distance. LaKesha has worked with churches across the country to train leaders and help congregations renew their excitement about ministry by envisioning models of ministry focused on outreach and community impact. She has a heart for those chasing their purpose and works to understand each congregation’s personality so that growth strategies can be tailored to fit the needs of the congregation and community.



Leading from within

Church growth begins internally. Many churches are excited about inviting new persons to visit their bible studies and worship services without doing the work to assess whether their congregation is ready for growth. In this session, LaKesha provides an evaluation of the physical structure and current ministry projects to assist the leaders with determining what internal changes need to be made to impact the growth mindset of the congregation.



Using technology to improve efficiency

Many church workers are volunteers and encumbered with tasks from their daily lives. In this session, LaKesha provides technology and automation tools that church leaders can use to improve communication and efficiency with each other, their members, and the community.

Engaging your community

If your church no longer existed in your community, would your community miss the church? If you don’t know the answer or if you know that your church would not be missed; we need to talk. In this session, LaKesha will assist your leadership team with creating an asset map to identify who is in your community, what their needs are, and organizations that you can partner with to increase capacity.



Using Social Media to build your community

As technological trends are looking toward the use of artificial intelligence, many churches are struggling to utilize social media to connect with current members and attract new members. In this session, LaKesha will train your leadership team on the platforms that would have the most impact on your congregation and its marketing goals.