Entrepreneur’s Academy

LaKesha has been an entrepreneur for almost fifteen years and shares strategies that she has used to build her business and countless others to help you and your group. As a member of the Forbes’ Coaches Council, LaKesha has been featured on the Forbes.com Expert Panel more than forty times providing advice for business professionals across the globe. She has worked with clients one on one as well as facilitated training sessions for Chambers of Commerce and business groups to provide practical strategies for growth. She is ready to share her wealth of business knowledge with you and your group.



Building Your Business Brand on a Budget

Your brand image is a walking commercial for your business. From your logo to your website to your business card to your personal appearance, people make judgments about your business capabilities that ultimately lead to their decision to buy based on what they see. In this session, LaKesha will provide strategies to create a sleek brand without breaking the bank.



Dollars and sense

If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make business sense. Many business owners jump into business without having an understanding of what it takes to run a profitable entity. In this session, LaKesha discusses creating a cyclical business budget and monthly cash flow statements in addition to lessons on creating and reading balance sheets and income statements.

Using technology to work smarter

Automating some of your business processes will help you to work smarter, however knowing which platforms are right for your business type can require as much time as you are hoping to save. In this session, LaKesha will provide attendees with strategies to use the top tech tools to operate their business more efficiently.



Sales Training

How many leads do you need to schedule a meeting? How many meetings or contacts does your business need to convert a sale? How much does a customer cost your business? In this session, LaKesha will not only assist attendees with determining their sales goals but also provide training on closing sales and strengthening their pipeline for long term success.